Nailing the 4-Stroke Ruff

Discover the potential of the overlooked

Welcome to Drumdog! Today, we’re going to explore the four-stroke rough, a rudiment that may seem boring at first glance but has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. While it may appear similar to a single stroke roll, the four-stroke rough stands out due to its subdivisions... [Read More]
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How to put on a Drum Clinic - Part 3

Ryan continues his story of hosting drum clinics, this time working with the incredible Ralph Rolle.

A train station is not usually the place to find a drummer. When was the last time you went to a gig by train? Getting your bass drum in the overhead luggage compartment is a proper challenge. Nevertheless, on this occasion in March 2019 Nick and I were waiting on... [Read More]
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How to put on a Drum Clinic - Part 2

Back to the drawing board, Ryan reveals how the early clinics finally lead to greater things!

So as you can gather from part one of this blog, tempting a star drummer is the hardest part, no surprise there then. Especially if you are relying on a brand to help you out as I was. I came close with Korg who supply Mapex drums, Paiste cymbals and... [Read More]
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