Here at Drum Dog when we get a quiet five minuets we love to jump on YouTube and check out the latest drum videos. This got me thinking and I challenged Nick Hartland (one of our amazing drum teachers) to pick his top three drumming performance videos and I would do the same. So here goes, this is Nick’s top three, my top three will be in the next blog so stay tuned!

Number 3 - Horacio Hernandez - On Fire

This is an absolute must see. I mean, who can’t navigate this treacherous tune while playing a 2-3 Rhumba clave on their left foot? Oh right, literally anyone else in the world. Ever.

Number 2 - Mike Mitchell - Brazillian Love Affair

I was lucky enough to see Mike Mitchell on tour with Stanley Clarke and his presence on stage was huge, he has an incredible raw energy and authority on the kit. His solo on this recording (starting not long after the 9:10 mark) is testament to that.

Number 1 - Matt Garstka - Get Ur Freak On

Matt just absolutely goes for it here and his range of vocabulary is just stunning, all delivered at a terrifying speed.

So there you go, what’s your favorite drumming video? Let us know in the comments below!