Back in the summer of last year when everybody was allowed out, Nick and I had a stand at our local music festival to show off some drums and to give people a chance to try drums for the first time. One afternoon a guy came up to us called Mikey Foulerton, he told us he builds his own drums from scratch and was just about to launch his own independent drum company. He said he only lived a few minutes away from the festival and invited us to check out his workshop.

A few months later myself, a camera and my dog turned up to the headquarters of d’Evercy drums. It’s a house in the countryside of Somerset with Mikey’s workshop built behind it. Mikey explained that he’s no stranger to building drums but now he was excited to go out under his own brand.

We headed into to the workshop where Mikey started his drum building process while I filmed every step. This video will be uploaded to the Drum Dog YouTube channel this week. d’Evercy drums aren’t built in the conventional way of plies of wood being bent into shape, they are built with staves of solid handpicked timber, expertly formed into drum shells. The many examples of finished instruments on shelves shows the high-quality craftsmanship that goes into the drums.

We got half of the process filmed and I agreed to come back this year to film the rest of the process but the social distancing rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19 put pay to those plans. So we decided to split the video into two parts and release part one now and part two as soon as we’re allowed to get back into the workshop and film it. We will also take some of the drums into the Drum Dog studio and show off the sounds of the finished product. Until then it’s back to my practice kit until we’re all allowed out again.

Drum Workshop

Check out the d’Evercy Drums website here: