London Drum Show 2018 - More than just Backpacks and Gospel Chops

The first blog post in our series about LDS 2018

Anyone who attended the 2017 LDS may have noticed the slightly slimmer product floor than previous years. This combined with there being fewer ‘heavyweight’ names on the artist line-up this year put a glimmer of doubt in the back of my mind on the drive up. Stepping out of the... [Read More]
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Most Memorable Live Drummer

Nick Hartland tells us his most memorable drummer

As a self-professed drum nerd I often find myself at gigs because of who is going to be sat behind the kit that night. While I do spend these evenings doing my best to absorb the overall performance of the band, my mind often pulls me back to ‘drumland’ and... [Read More]
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Nate Smith in Clinic

Nick Hartland went to go see Nate Smith in clinic at Turner Sims, Southampton. Read his thoughts here.

When you get the rare chance to meet a musician you idolise there is always the chance that while their playing may sound just as spectacular as it did on the record, their personality or attitude can sometimes leave much to be desired, the only smiles gracing their faces being... [Read More]
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