Yamaha EAD10 Unboxing and Review

Is it any good?

In this video Ryan and Nick unbox and play with Yamaha’s new toy, the EAD10 drum mic and audio processor. See what they thought along with a demo of some of the sounds this little box can make! [Read More]
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De-mystifying Drumheads

Do you know your single plies from your twin? Don't know why they bother making them coated? Nick Hartland brings us the low down on drum heads and how to choose what's right for you.

You’ve had the time of your life beating 7-shades of blue out of your drums lately, your family have invested in industrial hearing protection and you’ve already upset half of your neighbours, but alas, your drums don’t quite sing like they used did a few months back? No, your ears... [Read More]
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