The Drum Dog Top 3 Drum Video Face-Off

Episode 1 - Nick Hartland

Here at Drum Dog when we get a quiet five minuets we love to jump on YouTube and check out the latest drum videos. This got me thinking and I challenged Nick Hartland (one of our amazing drum teachers) to pick his top three drumming performance videos and I would... [Read More]
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Aaron Spears and the Show Floor

London Drum Show Performances - Part 3

For me the final show that I saw at the London Drum Show 2017 was the one I was most looking forward to as it was the drummer that I’ve never seen before except on modern drummer festival DVDs. I have been hugely impressed with education side of the show... [Read More]
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Andy Gangadeen in Clinic

London Drum Show Performances - Part 2

Andy is a drummer who makes a statement before he even hits a drum and I believe that statement is “image is important”. His drum kit towers on the stage with its huge circular racking system (with cymbals suspended below) and clear acrylic drums flanked by all kinds of electronic... [Read More]
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Need help buying your first drum kit?

We look at the Mapex range

So you’d like to buy your first drum kit or maybe you promised someone if they stick with it they can have their own drum kit for Christmas. Well the time of year is here and you’re about to be thrown into the minefield of buying a drum kit. The... [Read More]
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Steve White in Clinic

London Drum Show Performances - Part 1

I do love a drum clinic and I have attended a lot of them over the years. Even if some of it goes straight over my head, I usually leave feeling inspired and just wanting to go home and immediately play. So, attending the Sunday of the 2017 London Drum... [Read More]
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